Sumter National Forest: Brasstown Falls – South Carolina

Went with the fiancee and our dogs for an overnight camping trip in the Sumter National Forest.  Located on the southern edge of the Sumter National Forest, Brasstown Falls offers camping and a short hike with three waterfalls.  While fairly secluded in a portion of a scenic vale known as Brasstown Valley, it’s a popular place and you should expect to see other outdoor enthusiasts on your trip.  Given the short 20-minute (0.25 mile) moderate hike and the various swimming holes, Brasstown falls is a nice place to bring family or friends for the day or weekend.
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Directions to the trailhead:  From Westminster, SC drive west on US 76 for 12 miles and turn left on Brasstown Road (Oconee County Road S-37-48).  Drive 4.2 miles, the road turns to dirt for the last 1.5 miles, then turn right onto FS 751 just before the small bridge.  Drive 0.5 mile on FS 751 and you’ll arrive at the parking area.

Follow the path past the vehicular barricade on FS 751 that leads you beneath power lines and into the woods.  Approximately 50 feet into the woods, another small path branches off to the right. This is the primary camping area and where we setup camp for the night.

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You will cross the creek and afterward the trail will split into several paths, all of which lead you to the falls below. The first feature you will come to on the trail is Brasstown Cascades.

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To view the lower falls follow the creek downstream.  The next aquatic feature on your journey will be Brasstown Veil, a fantastic waterfall that you’ll want to scramble down and take a closer look at.  The rocks near the base of the Veil are extremely slippery with algae, so take precaution and be strategic with your footing.

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Continue down the path (it gets a little steep after Brasstown Veil) to catch a glimpse of Brasstown Sluice.

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After taking in the falls and/or swimming head back to the main camping area, just below where you parked, and cross the creek  to find the Little Brasstown Falls; the falls should be visible through the trees from the campsite.
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Enjoy the falls, leave no trace, and be safe.


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